About it

XParallax viu is a free software tool for automated astrometric data reduction of astronomic CCD images.

It helps astronomers to perform an accurate astrometric reduction of dozens ore even hundreds of images which can be used in subsequent data analysis process. Fit headers generated by this software are fully compatible with other commonly used image utilities like SAO DS9 or Aladin Sky Atlas.

This program was developed as a part of the Valencian International University's masters in astronomy and astrophysics.

Object classification with TensorFlow and advanced machine learning (see more)

Now, thanks to the advanced Artificial Intelligence modern techniques, XParallax can classify objects that are present in images to an astonishing level of accuracy. The lassifier engine present in the version 1.2.4 is a first basic release of the engine that have been trained to locate and characterize stars, overlapping stars, galaxies, trails, cosmic rays, blooming, and artifacts generated by dust or dirty.

The core of the Classifier engine is a neural network based in the Google TensorFlow library. https://www.tensorflow.org/ and the approach applied by the Yolov3 classifier (https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolo/ ) and some pre-processing techniques that are typically applied in astronomical images.

You can see how the Yolov3 classifier works visiting this video
If you want to know more about this new feature visit This link..

Screenshots of the interface

How to acquire it

It is free software: you can copy, share use and redistribute it for free, with no commercial purposes in any medium or format. Download latest version by browsing this link.