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System requirements

XParallax viu takes advantage of the modern hardware capabilities like multi-threading, and multi-core CPUs. It is particularly useful in batch processing where dozens or even hundreds of images are reduced or calibrated. There are no special hardware requirements and the program will work in any of the modern computers. At the moment, only the Windows version is available, but we expect to have the Mac and Linux releases as soon as possible.

Current version release notes ( 1.2.0 )

  • Important global improvements.
  • BND header in MPC reports.
  • Export blink animation as html code.
  • Minor Planet Center reports.
  • Topocentric solution for knwon objects.
  • Astrometric alignemet improved.
  • Blink dialog. Save GIF sequence.
  • Mesh in blink dialog.
  • File association.
  • Migrated to Qt 5.4.
  • Improved RA and DEC detection from image headers.
  • Find box in fit headers dialog.
  • Web request cache.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Version history